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Janice Womack

  • Murfreesboro, AR 71958

About Me

I am Janice Womack, a Christian, wife, mother, and grandmother. I live in the unique rural Arkansas town of Murfreesboro, where you can actually hunt for diamonds and keep what you find. Wow! How exciting is that!

I have always loved to be around people, but in 1994, my only daughter, Leslie, had an automobile accident and became severely disabled at the age of 16. Life for both of us changed drastically. I quit my banking career to care for her. Leslie and I became very close; she depended on me for most of her needs and I was more than willing to help. I thank God for allowing me to share her life for another seventeen years, but in January of 2011, she died suddenly.

The death of a child is a parent's worst nightmare. Grief consumed me and I no longer had the will to live. I always had God beside me, but I could not get beyond my grief and despair. While on a camping trip in the fall of 2014, I prayed earnestly for God to show me a way through my journey of grief.

Two months later I walked into a friend's home and smelled the most wonderful aroma. I asked what it was and she told me she was diffusing Young Living essential oils. I don't know how to explain what I felt that day. I felt something in my soul that filled me and I knew God was answering my prayers.

I knew enough about essential oils to know they were God's plants that He put here to help our bodies heal and that I needed them for my emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. I started using Young Living essential oils and began to feel much better physically and emotionally. Eventually, my laughter returned. My family and friends noticed how much better I was. All I could do was tell them that it was Young Living essential oils that helped me. Do I still grieve? Of course I do. Now that I am using the essential oils on a regular basis, I can recover more quickly and refocus. I give God all the credit for directing my path to these oils.

I am once again a "people person". I want to shout out to all the world how wonderful Young Living essential oils are and how much they have helped me. I want to help others find peace and wellness. I love to talk, share, and educate people about the benefits of a product that changed my life. Let me show you how Young Living essential oils can help you!